Player's kit

All players need their own orange CUFC shirt (with a non- duplicated number on it for those age U11 and above), black shorts and orange socks. 

We have created an online shop for the purchase of new kit at including the core kit of orange shirt, black shorts and orange socks and optional items of rain jackets, hoodies and beanies.  The shop is being run by local Macron supplier Imperial Sports on behalf of Clifton United and the club do not receive any payment from orders placed with them.   

Kit sizing

Probably the biggest headache for parents and the kit supplier are the problems that occur when the wrong size of kit is purchased and parents want to return it and ask for a refund. Why is this a headache? Our kits are embroidered (and numbered where appropriate) to order and, as a result, once purchased they are unique garments our supplier, very reasonably, are unable to take back. So, we urge you to buy the right size when you are ordering kit, ideally checking with another player's kit before your order.

As a general rule:

  • Most U7 and U8 players will wear a size 3XS (and some players will continue to wear this size when they are U9).
  • Most U9, U10 and U11 players will wear a size XXS (and the occasional player will continue to wear this size into the U12s).
  • Most U12, 13 and U14 players will wear a size XS as they grow through these age groups.
  • U15 and U16 tend to wear sizes S and M as they head towards adulthood.

Of course, there are players who are taller or smaller than these averages and you’ll know your own child best as far as sizing is concerned. 

Shirt numbering

Please check with your team manager about the requirement for a number before you order to ensure you need to order a numbered shirt. There is no requirement for players aged U7 to U10 to have a numbered shirt but we know that some players like to have a number on the back aligned to their favourite player so it isn’t a problem to have one, just no need to spend the money on numbering until you need to. Please bear in mind that from U11 managers decide players numbers, not players! 

Kit deliveries

We use a local company (based on the A37 between Knowle and Whitchurch) who supply our Macron kit and we appreciate the local supply chain and opportunity to support a local business. They turn things around quickly but not instantly and they use a courier to deliver kit direct to you once it is ready. They charge you directly for that.

You can avoid the courier charge by collecting your player’s kit direct from the shop between 9-5, Monday – Friday at 511 Wells Road, Knowle, Bristol, BS14 9AL (there’s limited free parking on their forecourt). Phone number: 0117 977 9988.

Kit payments

Payments for kit are made electronically direct with the kit supplier and the financial arrangements are direct between you and them; Clifton United doesn’t get involved in kit purchases and doesn’t make any money from your purchases from Imperial Sports.

Away kit

For younger age groups the team manager has a set of bibs available to distinguish our players from the opposition if there is a colour clash. For older teams we hold three sets of numbered ‘sky blue’ away shirts which we rotate through the club on an as and when basis – so there is no need for any player to have to purchase their own away kit.