Registration & Subs

Your team manager should have been in touch with you to let you know about registering and paying for next season using our online registration and payments system. Every player needs to complete registration for the new season before they can play for the club, even if you have played in previous seasons. It’s important you register and pay your subs before the season begins to avoid any delay in being able to play from the first day of the season. Don't forget that U12 to U16 will also need to complete appropriate league registration documents, which your manager can let you have. 

Player subs for the 2019 / 20 season, which need to be paid when you register, are as follows:

  • U7: £190
  • U8: £190
  • U9: £210
  • U10: £210
  • U11: £210
  • U12: £210
  • U13: £210
  • U14: £210
  • U16 Eagles: £210
  • U16 Hawks: £250

There is a sibling discount of £10 per player with a sibling also playing for Clifton United in the same season.

All subs are to be paid as a single payment at time of registration using the online payment system. Your team manager will confirm the deadline for this, but certainly no later than 30th June 2019 for U8 and above and for U12 - U16 deadline is typically much sooner. U7 registrations will start in June. If subs aren't paid before the deadline set, we reserve the right to open up to applications from our waiting lists and so players risk losing their places.

Any player with subs owing when the new season begins will also be excluded from training and matches until payment is received. Please note that we are unable to register any player with outstanding subs from previous seasons for the 2019 – 2020 season.

If you have any trouble paying or have any queries about registration or plan for next season, please contact your team manager as soon as possible.