Code of conduct

This code of conduct describes the standard by which the club will determine acceptable behaviour for players, coaches and parents. Its purpose is to provide a framework for maintaining sportsmanship and integrity in the actions of those involved in the club. We fully support the FA's Respect approach and our code of conduct should be viewed in addition to relevant FA, league and competition codes and rules that may apply in certain circumstances. Click below to read more:


Players must:

  • Play within the laws of the game
  • Accept the decision of the referee at all times in a match
  • Be punctual and turn up at least ten minutes before training and match meet times
  • Attend training and practice techniques.
  • Behave honestly and sportingly.
  • Show a positive attitude and accept Coach’s/Manager’s decisions.
  • Respect opponent team’s players and supporters, referees and match officials.
  • Encourage your team-mates.
  • Shake hands with opponents and thank match officials at the end of all games.
  • Show respect for other people’s property.
  • Display good behaviour at all times.

Players must not:

  • Swear, spit, name call or make racist, sexist or other discriminatory remarks.
  • Fight or retaliate.
  • Belittle opponents.
  • Argue with match officials.
  • Show any unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Managers/Coaches must:

  • Support, encourage and praise all players.
  • Attend any relevant courses that will enhance their skills
  • Set a good example - role model.
  • Be impartial in making decisions.
  • Comply with F.A., League and Clifton United rules.
  • Focus on making football enjoyable.
  • Involve all players whenever possible.
  • Be honest when dealing with players and their parents

Managers/Coaches must not:

  • Pursue a ‘win at all costs’ approach.
  • Cheat or attempt to deceive referees and match officials.
  • Knowingly play unfit players.
  • Show any favouritism to any one particular or group of players

Parents/Spectators must:

  • Support Clifton United, cheer and encourage all players.
  • Respect opponents and referees.
  • Offer support and help to the Manager/Coach.
  • Discuss issues with the Manager/Coach or parent liaison in private.
  • Inform the Manager/Coach well in advance if players are going to be absent or late.

Parents/Spectators must not:

  • Coach children from the sidelines. (Directions such as ‘”shoot”, “pass” or “tackle” can often conflict with what the coach has instructed the player to do)
  • Use foul, abusive or threatening language.
  • Use violent behaviour.
  • Use drugs or alcohol whilst in attendance.
  • Put undue pressure on players.


Allow the players to play, coaches to coach, referees to referee and the coach and manager to pick the team.

Thank you for your support in maintaining these standards

Please note: Failure to comply with this code of conduct may result in players not being considered for selection, or in extreme circumstances individuals may be suspended and/or released from the club. Where appropriate the club will adopt disciplinary procedures as laid out in the Gloucestershire FA Handbook