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What is success?

James Wilson (Head Coach) and I recently delivered a presentation to the committee of Clifton United, designed to help us all create an even better environment for the children at Clifton United to enjoy their football. We discussed ‘what do children see as success?’ – answers include ‘having fun’, ‘getting better at football’, ‘scoring a goal’, ‘winning a match’ and ‘making friends’. We also considered what we, as coaches, see as success. Children having fun, coming back next week (and next year), trying their best, developing important life skills (confidence/resilience etc.) and showing respect to all, are all things that we love to see.

What do you see as success?

As a parent of two football loving boys, I have considered this question many times over the years. When my kids were younger I used to drop their mates home after matches sometimes. The most common question I heard being asked by Mum or Dad on the doorstep was ‘did you win?’ Is this indicative of success? Another common one is ‘Did you score?’ but ‘did you set up a goal?’ or ‘did you stop a goal’ could be even better questions. It is an interesting process to write down what success looks like to you.

We feel we are running a successful club at Clifton United but want to be even more successful. There are many ways we can improve – one way is for us to provide you with more regular information about our coaching ethos. We aim to create a safe environment where children can have fun, develop as individuals, learn from mistakes and feel empowered. Our dedicated Team Managers are always willing to answer any questions you may have, we will be writing a series of blogs in the months to come and we hope you will join us for a presentation in the New Year.

Let’s hope the weather allows the children to be successful at the weekend!

Andy Edwards (Development Phase Support Coach)

February Blog 2016 – Andy Edwards Blog

Andy Edwards Clifton United U14 coach on the virtues of Futsal

I have been coaching Clifton United under 14's since September and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We train for two hours every Wednesday on an AstroTurf surface at Clifton - the kids have enjoyed the sessions and have noticeably improved since the start of the season. One factor that has accelerated their development is the introduction of weekly Futsal sessions.
I am relatively new to coaching Futsal, having only attended the FA Futsal Level 1 course last summer, but have become a huge fan of the sport. Futsal is usually played indoors (we use Redland Green School) so we can avoid the wind and rain that has been affecting football so much recently. The 5-a-side game is played with a heavier ball, which lends itself to creative play, with technical skills and quick, short passing on display in every game. The rules, including a four second restart rule, mean the matches are very fast paced with all the players constantly involved. There can be a basketball-like nature to the game with players constantly switching between attacking and defending. Futsal is a fantastic, fun sport in its own right (the under 14's have loved playing it) and it helps the kids develop lots of skills that transfer to the 11-a-side game. I have watched kids quickly develop confidence/comfort on the ball and tenacity to win it back when they lose it.
The reason for this blog is to encourage everyone to give Futsal a try! Take the opportunities already available at Clifton United, hassle your team manager to create opportunities or try some sessions. JW Football already run Futsal session for U10, U11 and U14 and if there is interest then it maybe be possible to add additional age group sessions
Happy futsaling!