Coaches Corner

James Wilson blog – Sept 2012

This week will be Saturday number four  since our  summer break and it’s so good to see so many new and old faces signed up to the club. I  am a great believer in taking a break from football, just like it’s important we take a break from school and work, taking a break allows us all to recharge the batteries,  spend time doing other activities, spend quality time with  family away from a football pitch  and also allow us coaches to  have the odd Saturday morning lie in! It was a great summer of sport what with Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour de France, so many Olympic medals for GB and Andy Murray capping it off with  a US open win.  I will end today on a great quote  I heard this summer  by  Dave Brailsforth the cycling GB and Sky team manager:

 “You can’t control whether you win or not, but you can control whether you are the absolute best you can be, and if you are the absolute best you can be then that improves your chance massively of winning” The GB cycling won 8 gold’s in London 2012 Olympics

We as a club are not all about winning but we are about being the best you can be in whatever you do!