James Wilson blog – Nov 2012

So the football season is now well truly upon us and what a fantastic start all our teams have had. Speaking to all the coaches and team managers on a regular basis it’s great to hear that not only are our teams playing fantastic football but that that we are also building really good camaraderie and team spirit throughout.

I was recently reading the FA book ‘The Psychology of Football’ and I read a great quote as follows: “Winning doesn’t always mean being first, Winning means you’re doing better than you have ever done before”

Coaches need to identify the things not only the team can improve on but also ensure that each and every child has measurable and attainable goals. If players are then encouraged to; be the best they can be then targets and goals can be regularly met and even surpassed, and a sense of ‘winning’ will be attained.

This season Henry Burns has volunteered his help to the club every Saturday morning. This will help Henry work towards his Duke of Edinburgh award. Henry is 14 years old and was in my original Clifton United team when he was 6 years old. It’s great to welcome him back and he has not only been a real help but also a role model and inspiration to the current U7 team. Having Henry on board has also got me thinking that long term not only can we help children develop as footballers but also give them a platform that helps them develop as Football coaches in what will be an ever competitive market.