December Blog 2015 – Developing the Environment by James Wilson

Wow time flies! With Christmas approaching we have hit yet another mid-point of the season. I get a great sense of pride that in less than 10 years we now have teams from Under 7 through to Under 16 and I know Sarah is doing great work in putting things in place for an Under 18 team from next season. On top of this, I still run our pre-Clifton United session (SoccerShooters) for Reception to year 1 children, so from next season, all going to plan, we will potentially have players from 4 to 17 years old as part of our football set up.

Mine and the club philosophy is to not only develop players football skills but also use football as a tool for developing life skills. We want to create a winning mentality but not a win at all costs mentality. Underpinning our approach to these objectives is to create an environment conducive with this. We want children to have fun, enjoy the game, enjoy being with friends , understand the value and benefits of team work and at the same time aiming to be the best they can be, not just in football but life. All this is easier said than done and each and every one of us associated with the club contributes to this. It’s important that we don’t place too much pressure on the players, ensuring we allow them to express themselves on the pitch without fear of failure. The FA have made great strides to provide Grass roots football teams with support and guidance on this, and I’m delighted to be accepted onto the FA Age appropriate Module 3 course that starts in January 2016. I’m sure there are many things I will pick up and learn from this course which I will use to help support the club going forward. I’m also looking to provide a presentation in January to all parents in the cub house called ‘Developing the Environment’ one Saturday morning, so watch this space for time and date.

So that just leaves me to say a very merry Christmas and prosperous New Year to you and your families and as ever thanks again for your continued support.

Best wishes

James Wilson

Clifton United Head coach