“Growing Up Through Football”

Our purpose

Clifton United is a youth football club whose purpose is to enable young people to develop through the game of football.

Our ethos

We understand that young people participate in football to have fun. If they don’t enjoy it, they stop playing. We never forget that football is a game. It’s not about how many wins and losses are accumulated. It’s not about how many goals we score or concede. It’s all about enjoying the game and, at the same time, learning and developing football and life skills.

So our priorities at Clifton United are for all our players to have fun, learn new skills and reach their full footballing potential.

What makes Clifton United what it is is down to the attitude and performance of the players on the pitch but as a club we focus on four things:

  • Enjoyment - we understand that young players participate in football to have fun.
  • Team spirit - we know that a successful football team and a successful club are achieved through teamwork.
  • Development - we are committed to creating a safe environment within which each player can grow football and life skills.
  • Community - as a club we recognise that we are sustained by our connections within the community.

You should see this come to life across the whole of Clifton United, but our approach varies across each age group. 

Our Development Approach

We want to give all our players the opportunity to be the best that they can be. We know that the development needs of young players change over time. What motivates and benefits a six year-old child is very different from that of a sixteen year-old young adult. Whilst our philosophy remains consistent across the club, its application is varied to suit a continuum of changing needs for the developing player.